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Leiden Probe Microscopy


About Leiden Probe Microscopy

Leiden Probe Microscopy BV (LPM) has originated from the activities of the Interface Physics group at Leiden University. Due to the strong connection to this world-leading research group, LPM offers Scanning Probe Microscopy-Technology with unrivalled specifications. During the development and design of these systems, no compromise is made on the quality and only the best available components are being used.

This design-philosophy, combined with the drive to produce instruments that can address physical challenges that are relevant to industry, has resulted in instruments with outstanding performance in terms of signal-to-noise levels, imaging rates and data acquisition speed. The instruments also allows for use of a wide spectrum of samples and sample conditions.

LPM develops tools for in situ surface science with a strong focus on scanning probe microscopy and x-ray diffraction. The products are used for in situ studies in the fields of thin film growth, surface chemistry, catalysis, chemical vapour deposition and fundamental surface science. LPM provides complete tools in the range of from scanning probe microscopes, high-speed control electronics, innovative gas mixing systems, gas analysers and x-ray reactors.

Picovac represents Leiden Probe Microscopy BV in Germany, Austria and Switzerland exclusively. We’re keen to introduce you to the fascinating world of high speed scanning, high-pressure STM and associated techniques.

For more information and any enquiries please contact sales@picovac.de and visit www.leidenprobemicroscopy.com.


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