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Additional Vacuum Technology and Analytical Equipment


Extended Product Range - Partnership with NanoTech Consulting (NTC)

With the objective to provide comprehensive support to our customers, picovac’s product portfolio was extended to include further manufacturers of vacuum components as well as suppliers of analytical instrumentation and complete systems.

Picovac has entered a partnership with NanoTech Consulting for the sales territories Germany, Austria and Switzerland. NanoTech Consulting specialises in global sales and marketing strategies to expand commercial activities by developing new markets and has close ties to several producers of vacuum and analytical equipment for many years. This allows us to offer our customers an efficient and comfortable access to selected equipment suppliers from Far East.

Nanotech Consulting

Within our new partnership picovac offers and supports King Lai AdvanTorr product sales and hand-picked analytical instrumentation for scientific solutions. These products convince by high quality and outstanding price-performance-ratio.

Ultra-High Intensity VUV Source BL-1000 Series

The new FERMI BL-1000 is an ultra-high efficiency UV source based on revolutionary plasma local field mechanism, integrated with latest solid RF source technology. Providing up to an order of magnitude higher efficiency than traditional plasma-base UV sources. The BL-1000 is an electrode-free and ignite-free universal UV source, which can work with various gases and gas mixtures. It features an integrated flowmeter and is suitable for broad applications, such as photoemission spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectroscopy etc.

  • Up to 15 x higher photon flux than other VUV sources
  • Maximum flux 10E17 photons/Sr sec
  • Multiple working gases: He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe . . .
  • Long lifetime > 10,000 hours
  • UHV compatible
  • Adaptable to third-party monochromators

Optional BL-1000 Versions:
BL-1010 VUV source with two stage differential pumping to ensure low background pressure in main chamber.
BL-1100 Xe I / Kr I source with focussing collimator for small spot applications.
BL-1020 He II source with high efficiency DBR mirrors.

Please contact us for more information.

About King Lai AdvanTorr Vacuum Products

King Lai is a fast growing manufacturer for components and fittings in vacuum technology with production facilities in China and Taiwan. Based on King Lai’s success and wide acceptance by OEM customers worldwide, further expansion of all services and product offerings to customers in Europe shall be expedited by strengthening the sales network. The King Lai group has branded their vacuum products such as valves, shutters, viewports, flanges and chambers under the brand name AdvanTorr.


King Lai vacuum products are highly valued by customers in scientific institutions, laboratory research, aerospace industries and general vacuum technology firms, as well as within the semi-conductor, solar power, and fibre optic industries. King Lai products are manufactured to meet different regional standards and custom-built products are available upon request.

For product information please download the catalogue and contact sales@picovac.de.

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