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About UHV Design

UHV Design specialises in providing products that have been designed to address the challenges of high- and ultra-high-vacuum motion and heating. The products are the result of over 25 years of collaboration with the scientific community and scientific system manufacturers, and have gained a reputation for outstanding performance and reliability.

Independent from any vacuum system supplier or system integrator we offer completely unbiased technical advice and UHV Design product recommendations. All of the manipulation and heating products are designed and manufactured in the UK at the custom-built facility in Laughton.

The primary focus is to provide high-quality, low-maintenance manipulation solutions for vacuum applications. Excellence is assured through in-house control of the entire process from design, to manufacture, assembly, test and after sales support. A customer-orientated approach combined with a desire to achieve unrivalled product excellence is key to ensure continued success.

UHV Design has developed and manufactured vacuum manipulation solutions for over 15 years. In that time, it has accumulated a ‘production-proven’ product range, positioning UHV Design at the forefront of high- and ultra-high-vacuum manipulation. It also ensures technical knowledge and expertise is maintained within the company.

As well as a standard portfolio of products, much of UHV Design’s heritage is based upon working closely with the customer to offer specific custom solutions. Today, a high percentage of business is generated by the company’s ability to adapt and modify standard products to meet the needs of specific applications.

Over the years, UHV Design has developed ideas in conjunction with some of the most prestigious and forward-thinking scientific and technical institutions. Many of these products have proved so popular that they have become standard product ranges in their own right.

UHV Design has supplied manipulation solutions to pioneering laboratories around the world specialising in Nano Science, Synchrotron and Beamline applications. We’re proud to represent UHV Design in Germany and Austria.

For more information please contact our sales team, see uhvdesign.com or visit the specific product page by clicking on one of the direct product links below.



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