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About Korvus Technology

Korvus Technology sells and manufactures the HEX Series of bench top thin film deposition systems. The company has over 20 years of experience in the thin film technology market, designing, manufacturing and installing HV and UHV deposition systems. The HEX platform offers an un-matched level of user control and customization, designed to incorporate the latest thin film technologies and performance into a bench top system.

The systems can be operated both manually and automatically with a wide range of deposition instruments including: E-Beam Evaporators (single and four pocket), RF & DC Sputtering Sources, Low Temperature Organic Evaporators and Thermal Evaporators. There are also many system options available such as; quartz crystal monitoring, high vacuum load locks and heated, cooled, rotating or static sample stages.

Due to the flexibility of the HEX systems, they can be configured either as a sputtering system, e-beam system, OLED system, thermal evaporation system or any combination of these processes. Each of the six side panels is removable and can be equipped with any of the deposition sources listed above enabling multi layer, multi process deposition without breaking vacuum.

In-situ measurement options are also available for all of the models in the HEX series, enabling the integration of various optical and spectroscopic techniques and the systems can be integrated into a glovebox for research that requires an inert atmosphere.

The HEX series is used within universities and laboratories worldwide for applications including; research into new materials, sputter deposition, contact metallisation, coating of electrical contacts, lift off, EM sample preparation and teaching and training. The HEX’s modularity and ease of use make it the ideal tool for any clean room and perfect for thin film training programs.

For more information about the full range of systems, instruments and accessories please contact sales@picovac.de or visit www.korvustechnology.com.

Krovus Technology

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