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December 2018 - Tenth Joint BER II and BESSY II User Meeting

Picovac and UHV Design will exhibit at the Tenth Joint BER II and BESSY II User Meeting held at the Wilhelm-Conrad-Roentgen Campus, Berlin-Adlershof during December 5th - 7th, 2018.

We’ll be delighted to meet you at our booths #23 and #24 on Dec 5th or 6th.

March 2018 – DPG Spring Meeting Condensed Matter Division in Berlin

With 5,900 regsitered attendees this years Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society held at the TU Berlin March 13th – 15th 2018 was truly a major event.

Similar to last year picovac presented its partners on three booths. Various good discussions, nice contacts and a number of new enquiries remain as positive result of a busy week.

February 2018 - New Load Lock for HEX-L

Korvus Technology are proud to announce that we are launching our new compact high vacuum Load Lock. It takes 6”/150mm samples and comes with its own dedicated 80l/s turbo pump, full range gauge and diaphragm pump.

Korvus Technology will be showcasing this on the booth at the DPG meeting in Berlin in March 2018, please pop along to booth number 22 Foyer 1 OG to have a look or contact us with any queries.

January 2018 - European XFEL and DESY Photon Science Users' Meeting 2018

Thanks for visiting our booth in Hamburg during the joint DESY/XFEL users meeting. We enjoyed the numerous discussions and are looking forward to coming back next year.

XFEL-DESY users meeting

December 2017 - Ninth Joint BER II and BESSY II User Meeting

Many thanks to all visitors of this years vendor exhibition accompanying the ninth joint BESSY II and BER II users meeting for interesting discussions and questions about our products.

UHV Design
UHV Design

November 2017 – GSI Roadshow

Thu 30.11.2017 picovac has successfully presented new products from UHV Design and introduced the most flexible deposition system HEX from Korvus Technology as well as the portfolio from Leiden Probe Microscopy on the campus of the GSI in Darmstadt as part of the GSI Roadshow program.

The Magic of UHV Design Magidrives

MagiDrive Mailing

When transmitting rotary motion through some sort of chamber wall (more general: environmental boundary) there are a variety of engineering solutions available, from simple O-ring seals as might be used to contain liquids or even vacuum at the medium vacuum level, through to differentially pumped O-rings and Ferrofluidic drives for high vacuum (HV).

However, due to the much more stringent requirements in terms of leak tightness and materials outgassing properties, transmission into an Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) environment is very much more challenging. There’s a lot more to learn about the UHV Design Magi Drive series. Click here to download the Technical Bulletin.

July 2017 – Flag Sample Holder Transfer Options

Wobble sticks and magnetically coupled transfer arms are the most commonly used sample transfer options in HV and UHV systems. The challenge of sample transfer will vary greatly depending on the geometry of the system, the transfer distance and available mounting options for sample transfer devices.

In addition, the placement of viewports must be considered to ensure clear line of sight at the appropriate stage of the transfer process. (e.g. when inserting a flag sample holder into an analytical stage).

Sample transfer

Wobble sticks provide a simple method of moving sample holders such as the various flags and pucks over relatively small distances (typically <400mm) in situations where the user requires the freedom to manipulate the sample using a combination of rotation, linear and tilt movements. Please see UHV Design application note.

March 2017 – DPG Spring Meeting 2017

Thanks to everyone visiting booth 91-93 at the DPG Spring meeting 2017 in Dresden and special thanks to our partners UHV Design, Korvus Technologies and Leiden Probe Microscopy for making this a very successful event.

January 2017 – Ultra-High Intensity VUV Source

  • Up to 15 x higher photon flux than other VUV sources
  • Maximum flux 10E17 photons/Sr sec
  • Multiple working gases: He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe . . .
  • Range of options incl. differential pumping, focus collimator, He II DBR mirrors
  • Long lifetime > 10,000 hours
  • UHV compatible
  • Adaptable to third-party monochromators

Please see here or contact us for more information.

VUV source

December 2016 – First HEX-L System shipped by Korvus Technology

Korvus Technology are proud to announce that the first of the new HEX-L deposition systems has been shipped. The HEX-L accommodates 6″ wafers (150mm). With the use of differentially pumped O-rings the system can get down to the low minus 8’s while still maintaining its modular and user friendly design. The HEX-L is equipped with a rotating sample stage, 300l/s turbo pump and dry scroll pump as standard and can be easily tailored to your specific research requirements.

December 2016 – Eighth Joint BER II and BESSY II User Meeting

UHV Design and picovac will exhibit at the Eighth Joint BER II and BESSY II User Meeting held in Berlin-Adlershof during December 7th - 9th, 2016. We’ll be delighted to meet you at our booth #33.

November 2016 – Sample Parking in UHV

The Sample Parking Stage has been designed to accommodate Omicron, Specs and Aarhus Flag style sample plates. It is intended to store multiple samples in the UHV chamber and comprises either one or multiple carousel plates, each of which can accommodate 4 flag style sample plates.

The carousels are mounted from a magnetically coupled rotary drive (MagiDrive) such that each can be presented in turn to the transfer mechanism, whether that be a Wobble Stick, magnetically coupled transfer arm (PowerProbe) or linear rack and pinion transfer device.

October 2016 – New WobbleStick range

The new slimline design of Wobble Stick from UHV Design offers both in-line and right-angled configurations with the choice of passive or gripper mechanism plus end-effector. Each range is offered with optional standard sample transfer forks to transport industry-standard sample holders such as flags, pucks and stubs.

  • In-line and right-angled version with +/-22° tilt
  • 50-350mm stroke range (50mm increments)
  • Bakeout to 250°C without the need to remove the outer magnet assembly
  • WSG40 includes trigger grip
  • Choice of end effectors for flag, puck and esca stub
  • No thrust due to vacuum

September 2016

This month’ news is the launch of picovac. We’re keen to start service for our customers and at this point express our thanks to everybody supporting us lately. We extend our special thanks to our cooperation partners UHV Design Ltd, Korvus Technology Ltd, Leiden Probe Microscopy BV and NanoTech Consulting Ltd.

Martin Oertel picovac
Dr Martin Oertel
Ziegelhüttenweg 30a
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