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Korvus Technology designs and manufactures the HEX Series of bench top thin film deposition systems. The most flexible HEX platform offers an un-matched level of user control and enables fit-to-purpose configurations: sputtering (RF, DC, HiPIMS), e-beam, OLED, thermal evaporation or any combination of these processes into a bench top PVD system. Integration to a glovebox even as retrofit easily achieved.

Each of the six side panels are removable and can be equipped with any of the Korvus deposition sources enabling multi layer, multi process deposition without breaking vacuum. The HEX series is used within universities and laboratories worldwide for applications including research into new materials, sputter deposition, contact metallisation, coating of electrical contacts, lift off, EM sample preparation and even teaching. The HEX’s modularity and ease of use make it the ideal tool for any clean room and perfect for thin film training programs.

The vacuum deposition range of Moorfield Nanotechnology aims at pilot-scale industrial production and high-end educational institutions. System designs involve extensive modularity, leading to flexible solutions ideal for R&D environments where changing technical requirements are common.

The system range consists of starter platforms that can then be populated with numerous component sets for deposition of metals, inorganics and organics. Systems can be built as standalone units, or can be combined with gloveboxes when air sensitivity is an issue.

Recently, Moorfield Nanotechnology has directed R&D toward CVD systems that allow for easy production of the ‘wonder materials’ graphene and carbon nanotubes (CNTs). These systems are capable of scalable, cost-efficient synthesis of high-quality material for future commercialisation of carbon nanomaterials.

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Operando Research

LPM (Leiden Probe Microscopy) manufactures equipment for operando research on the nano scale. The state-of-the-art instruments enable in-situ science with a wide variety of techniques going from Scanning Probe Microscopes (STM, AFM) performing atomic resolution at low temperatures in ultrahigh vacuum to high-pressure / high-temperature reactors that allow investigations of catalytic reactions under true process conditions.

The LPM portfolio is extended by tools for gas supply & analysis, X-Ray diffraction (SXRD) & Optical techniques, e.g. a full solution for PC controlled gas mixing, supply and detection including aggressive and corrosive gasses such as NO, CO, HCl, H2 and O2. The dedicated valve system realises a small internal volume of the gas system, and minimal dead volume. LPMs patented in-line sampling system for downstream gas analysis ensures extreme time-resolution at all inlet pressures without the need of replacing components.

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Nikalyte is a leading supplier of nanoparticle coatings for R&D and a wide variety of application areas including cell binding, cell separation, drug delivery, catalysis, metamaterials, nano-photonics, electrochemistry, and batteries.

Nikalyte specializes in nanoparticle research and produces the NL50 system as well as the NL-UHV to enable the scientist and/or technician to produce ultra-pure nanoparticles in the lab. Piocvac is proud to offer both the NL50 benchtop and the NL-UHV nanoparticle deposition system in the DACH region.

  • Hydrocarbon free non-agglomerated Nanoparticles
  • Precise control over nanoparticle size and coverage
  • Good control over the composition of alloy nanoparticles
  • Controllable porosity of nanoparticle thin-film

Extended product range

Our partnership with NanoTech Consulting (NTC). has the objective to provide comprehensive support all around to our customers. The extended product portfolio includes manufacturers of chambers and vacuum components (HTC, King Lai Advan Torr) as well as suppliers of analytical instrumentation and complete UHV systems at competitive prices.

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